Journal of Classroom Interaction

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Winter 2004: Vol. 39 No. 2 - Articles:

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From the Editor's Desk
H. Jerome Freiberg,
University of Houston

In Memoriam
Graham Nuthall

The Relationship Between Student Performance and Instructor Evaluations Revisited
R. Eric Landrum and Ronna J. Dillinger,
Boise State University

A Low-Achiever's Learning Process in Mathematics: Shirley's Fraction Learning
Ronald Keijzer,
Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Jan Terwel,
Vrije University, The Netherlands

Classroom Interaction Patterns, Teacher and Student Characteristics and Students' Learning Outcomes in Physics
Iroha Kalu,
University of Calabar, Nigeria
A. N. Ali
University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Preferred Teacher-Student Interpersonal Behavior: Differences Between Polish Primary and Higher Education Students' Perceptions
Aleksander Sztejnberg,
University of Opole, Poland
Perry den Brok,
Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Jozef Hurek,
University of Opole, Poland

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