Journal of Classroom Interaction

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Spring 2000: Vol. 35 No. 1 - Articles:

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Evaluation of a Systemic Approach to Changing Classroom Practices for the Teaching of Mathematics: An Introduction to the Journal of Classroom Interaction
Gene E. Hall,
University of Nevada-Las Vegas

A District-wide Agenda to Improve Teaching and Learning in Mathematics
Marcia H. Johnson,
Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS), Germany

Extent of Implementation of a Standarts-based Approach to Teaching Mathematics and Student Outcomes
Archie A. George, University of Idaho
Gene E. Hall, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Kay Uchiyama, University of Colorado-Boulder

Change is learning: It's as Simple and Complicated as That
Shirley M. Hord,
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory

Reflections on Verifying Change in School Mathematics
Jeremy Kilpatrick,
University of Georgia

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