Journal of Classroom Interaction

Recognized by the European Science Foundation in its list of quality international research journals

The Journal of Classroom Interaction (JCI) is a semi-annual publication devoted to empirical investigations and theoretical papers dealing with observation techniques, research on student and teacher behavior, and other topics relevant to the domain of classroom interaction.

The JCI has been an independent, self-published journal since its founding in 1965. The Journal began its publication as the Classroom Interaction Newsletter by Dr. Anita Simon of Temple University in Philadelphia, with editorial adviser Dr. Ned Flanders. Dr. Simon indicated in 1965 that the original purpose of the Newsletter was to meet the need to share, discuss, and disseminate new ideas regarding research methodology and variables that generated new knowledge about classroom interaction (Freiberg, 1977).

The journal was passed from Anita Simon to Drs. Myra and David Sadker at American University who began the transition into a journal format. The Journal was moved to its current editor, Jerome Freiberg, and is supported by the College of Education at the University of Houston, where it currently housed. During this time, an international review board was established and continues today. The JCI is recognized by the European Science Foundation in its list of quality international research journals.

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